What cave is the fighting dojo in?

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There is no fighting dojo in a cave. However the Karate King, or the master of the dojo in Saffron City, is training deep inside of Mt.Mortar.

Use the middle entrance to the cave (the one you need to Surf to), and bring Pokemon that know Waterfall, Strength, and Surf. You may want to bring some repels, as he is very far in the cave, and you will want to conserve your Pokemon's strength for the battle, as the Karate King is fairly strong. You will want to bring psychic Pokemon, as he will have a Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, and Hitmonchan, all weak against Psychic types.

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Q: What cave is the fighting dojo in?
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Where is the fighting dojo cave?

that is the whirl island

How many gyms are there in Kanto?

8 and the fighting dojo

Where are the six karatekas in Pokemon FireRed?

In the fighting dojo.

What are the release dates for Man Caves - 2007 Dojo Cave 9-8?

Man Caves - 2007 Dojo Cave 9-8 was released on: USA: 2 November 2012

Where to find Kanto fighting gym?

The Fighting Dojo is to the left of the official gym in Saffron City. For the record, the Fighting Dojo isn't an actual gym, and you don't fight anyone there - you do get a Focus Band, however.

Where is the fighting dojo master in pokemon gold?

In Pokémon Gold, the fighting dojo master is originally found in Mt. Mortar. He uses a Hitmonchan and a Hitmonlee.

Where do you get a hitmonchan on LeafGreen?

In Saffron city, right next to the gym, is a fighting dojo. Enter the dojo and beat all the trainers. Afterwards, you will be able to choose Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan from two pokeballs at the top of the dojo.yea you go to the fighting dojo and beat all those karate fighting trainers.

Where is the fighting dojo master in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

The Fighting Dojo Master is in Mount Mortar in the Johto Region. There are three entrances between Mahogany and Ecruteak, so take the middle entrance (and have rock climb and surf) to get to the dojo master.

How do you get to the fighting dojo in soulsilver?

go to saffron city in soul silver and make sure you have a arrangment with a gym leader because if not you see a karate king that says the master is in a cave in johto

How can i get a hitmontop in firered with no cheats?

It is in the fighting dojo after you beat the lady.

Where to catch tyrouge in Pokemon Gold?

after going to the fighting dojo in kanto, go to the cave between Eucrateak and the ice gym one and go to the end, fight the guy at the end and you will receive Tyrouge

In what cave is the dojo leader of Saffron city in Pokemon soulsilver?

hoo nos

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