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The HM01 Cut can be given by a person in the house left of the Pokemon Center.

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Q: Where to find cut in Hoenn region?
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Where can you find the pass that lead you to the Hoenn region in heart gold?

You can't go to the Hoenn region in HG/SS.

Where can you find hoenn?

hoenn is the region Pokemon ruby, sapphire, and emerald take place in. if you bought one of those three games, you found the hoenn region.

Where can you find chimecho in Hoenn region?

You can find chimecho on route 122.

Where can you find Arceus in Pokemon Gold?

you can find arceus in the hoenn region.

How do you unlock hoenn region in heargold?

You can't but if you check the Pokemon Music Channel (on Wednesdays ONLY) you might find some Pokemon from the Hoenn Region...

How do you get in to hoenn in Pokemon HeartGold?

In HeartGold, you cannot enter the Hoenn region however you can find Pokémon that are found in the Hoenn region in HeartGold by playing the Hoenn Sound on the March Channel while you're traveling through routes however the Hoenn Sound is only available on Wednesdays.

Where is Pinsir in Pokemon Emerald Hoenn Region?

In the safari zone in hoenn,it's in a zone accessible by the mach bike.It's a Pokemon rare in hoenn,It is not difficult to find it but it is in a rare site

In Pokemon SoulSilver do you get to go to the Hoenn region?

You cannot go to the Hoenn region in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Just because you get a Hoenn starter from Steven Stone (Hoenn League Champion) doesn't mean you go to the Hoenn region.

Will heart gold and soul silver have the Hoenn region?

Nope, HeartGold and SoulSilver will not have the Hoenn region.

Where do you find bedoof in Pokemon Emerald?

It is impossible to find a Bidoof in Pokemon Emerald, seeing as Bidoof live in the Sinnoh region, not the Hoenn region.

Where is hennon region in Pokemon emereld?

if you mean hoenn region, then that where the game emerald took place. You are playing IN the hoenn region.

Were can you find a lava cookie in Pokemon black?

it's only avalible in Hoenn region