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u need to go underground by going into a house and talk to the old man in Eterna city right near the Pokemon center

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Q: Where to find cranidos in Pokemon platinum?
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Where do you get a cranidos fossil on Pokemon platinum?

You can get all the fossils underground, except for shieldon or cranidos. You find shieldon if your ID is even and Cranidos is your ID is odd.

How do you find a skull fossil underground and then catch a cranidos in Pokemon platinum?

I have no clue

Where to find rampardos on Pokemon platinum?

you cant, you ether evolve a cranidos or see a trainer with it

What level does cranidos evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Go to or cranidos

Where do you fight a rampardos in Pokemon platinum?

you can not find a wild rampardos in platinum you have to catch a cranidos by finding a skull fossil underground and then evolve cranidos at lv. 30 hope that helps =)

How do you get a cranidos to learn headbutt on platinum Pokemon?

you'll get a cranidos in the under ground in Pokemon platinum. just keep on levelling it up till it learns headbutt.

Where do you get cranidos on Pokemon platinum?

well, i got my cranidos's under ground. when you are digging you might find skull fossils. take the fossils to a guy the oreberg museum. go outside then back in and the guy will give you a cranidos

Where can you find cranidos on pokemon platinum?

To find Cranidos on Platinum, you have to dig underground for a skull fossil. Then go to Orburgh City and go to the museum. Talk to the Scientist and he will revive it into a level 20 Cranidos! -Hope this helps! :)

Where do you catch cranidos in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't catch Cranidos in the wild or from a special event. You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Can you get cranidos in Pokemon Platinum?

go underground get a skull fossil and get it restored

How do you evolve cranidos into rampardos Pokemon platinum?

level it to level 30

How do you get a cranidos in Pokemon Platinum?

By digging underground, you may find Fossils. If you find a Skull Fossil, go to Oreburgh City and get in reincarnated at the museum.