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Sneasel can be found on Leaf Green, only in the Ice Fall Cave on Island Four. That's where the breeder lives and Lorelei's house is. Ice Fall Cave is right behind Lorelei's House. By the way, Sneasel is extremely rare; so be ready to explore for at least 30 minutes.

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Q: Where to find a sneasel in Pokemon LeafGreen version?
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Cani find a sneasel in pokemon firered?

No Sneasel is only available in Leafgreen.

Were can you find a growlithle on Pokemon LeafGreen?

LeafGreen version does not have Growlithe.

Where do you find sneasel and gligar?

sneasel can be found in leafgreen at icefall cave on four island, gligar can be found in the johto area of the safari zone in Pokemon emerald.

How do you catch sneasle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Sneasel is found in icefall cave you can usually find it in the area where the little squares of ice are.

Where can you find a vulpix in Pokemon fire red?

You can't find a Vulpix in Pokemon FireRed version. That pokemon is version-exclusive to Pokemon LeafGreen.

Where to find a sneasel in leafgreen?

You can find one in the Icefall Cave on Four Island.

Where do you find Bulbasaur on emerald version?

You must trade it from Pokemon firered or Pokemon leafgreen

Can you find a slowpoke in Pokemon sapphire?

You must trade from LeafGreen version.

Where do you find bulbasuar in Pokemon diamond?

you cannot find a bulbasuar ,you can migrate from the leafgreen version

How do you get Pokemon LeafGreen for DS?

Pokemon leafgreen is available only for the gameboy, unless you can find a cheated version on an action replay or some such device.

How do you find vulpix on Pokemon FireRed?

Vulpix is only available in leafgreen version.

Where do you find skamory in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

In Sevault Canyon on Seven Island.