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the red rocks r in 1-2 around the green clownd the blue and gold rocks can b found in 1-3 around the top part of the moon and in 1-4 a little to the left from the left middle portal

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Q: Where to find Terbium in dark orbit?
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On the game dark orbit where do you find terbium?

You can find them in the x-3 and x-4 maps.

What game is better puzzle pirates or dark orbit?

Dark Orbit

Where to find Terbium?

Terbium (Tb) is found in many minerals such as xenotime, euxenite, and gadolinite.See more information at related link listed below:

Are there cheats for dark orbit?

No there aren't any cheats for dark orbit. Sorry

How do you sell your ship in dark orbit?

you cant sell your ship in dark orbit

Is terbium synthetic or natural?

terbium is synthetic i believe

How many electrons do terbium have?

Terbium has 65 electrons

Does terbium burn?

Terbium is flammable and burns with a yellowish flame.

What is the element symbol for terbium?

The symbol for the element Terbium is Tb

What is the atomic mass of terbium?

The atomic mass of terbium is 158.92

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Green trichromatic

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