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you cant sell your ship in dark orbit

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Q: How do you sell your ship in dark orbit?
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Where do you upgrade your ship on dark orbit?

You upgrade your ship in the hangar after you buy a ship. Well you cant exactly upgrade your ship you just get lasers and stuff like that.

What game is better puzzle pirates or dark orbit?

Dark Orbit

How do you make blue laser shots in dark orbit?

Equip your ship fully with LF3's, but you dont need to equip your drones.

Are there cheats for dark orbit?

No there aren't any cheats for dark orbit. Sorry

Where do you put in the cheat codes for dark orbit?

you text them. if you text: BIG 5759657 to 84994 then you get 100,000 uridium

How do you get blue lasers on dark orbit?

All the lasers on your ship must be of the strongest type: LF3 where it says laser slots fill all the slots with lf3.

Do you have to download Dark Orbit?


Are there any games like dark orbit?

seafight is a very good game by same people as dark orbit!!

How do you use mines on dark orbit dark orbit?

By pressing Y or M. But there is a very long delay between shots.

Is Dark Orbit free?


Who wants the nomostro back on Dark Orbit?

if you want the nomostro back type your Dark Orbit user name in and your company. Pryomaniac271: EIC

How does a spaceship get into orbit?

The thrusters at the bottom of the rocket ship.