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Equip your ship fully with LF3's, but you dont need to equip your drones.

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Q: How do you make blue laser shots in dark orbit?
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How do you use mines on dark orbit dark orbit?

By pressing Y or M. But there is a very long delay between shots.

How do you get blue lasers on dark orbit?

All the lasers on your ship must be of the strongest type: LF3 where it says laser slots fill all the slots with lf3.

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How do you shoot on orbit dark orbit?

To shoot you can press the Ctrl button for lasers and space for rockets. Double-click an enemy to start a laser attack make a hot key: 1 is laser 2 is single rocket and 3 is rocket lancher. It helps alot!

What game is better puzzle pirates or dark orbit?

Dark Orbit

Are there cheats for dark orbit?

No there aren't any cheats for dark orbit. Sorry

How do you sell your ship in dark orbit?

you cant sell your ship in dark orbit

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