Where to find Scizor on shiny gold?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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evolve from scyther with a moon stone

Can also be found between Lake of rage and Mahogany town but is extremely rare.

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Q: Where to find Scizor on shiny gold?
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Is there a code on Platinum to turn Pokemon Shiny Let me explain I have an awesome Scizor but he's not shiny so i would like to turn him into a Shiny ex 1st Slot Scizor L plus R equals Shiny Scizor?


Where can you find a scizor in pokemon heartgold?

The best place to find Scizor in Pokemon Heart Gold is in a low grassy area. Just ride your bike (If you have one) Back and forth and you will eventually find one.

How do you get the shiny rhyhorn in Pokemon gold?

You have to find them by chance. Walk around where they are and maybe you will find a shiny ryhorn.

Where can you find the shiny Pokémon in Pokémon gold?

It's complete luck to find a shiny. It's 1/6500.

Where to find fly in shiny gold?

up youres

Where do you get scizor in Pokemon gold?

To get scizor in Pokemon gold you must trade a Scyther that is holding Metal Coat. Metal Coat can be attained on the S.S. Aqua after you defeat the Elite Four.

Where can you find the beacon of lighthouse in the Pokemon shiny gold?

in olivine city

Where can you find the surf on shiny gold?

Ekruteak City, the Komono girls

How do you find masterball in Pokemon shiny gold?

u buy it for 1000000

How do you Find Latias or Latios in Shiny Gold?

one word YOUTUBE

Where do you find leader jasmine in Pokemon shiny gold version?

The tower

Where do you find Aron's in Pokemon shiny gold x?

in caves mainly,