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Q: Where to deliver the Devon goods in Pokemon emerald?
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Devons goods Pokemon Emerald?

You go to slateport and you deliver the Devon goods to captain stern.

How do you get a exp'shard on Pokemon emerald?

After you deliver eveything for the Devon Goods president he will give you the exp. share as a thank you.

Where do you deliver Devon's goods in Pokemon Sapphire?

You deliver Devon's Goods to Captain Stern who is in Slateport City's museum.

What do you do after you deliver the Devon goods in Pokemon sapphire version?

head back to the Devon building to report mission sucsess

Where do you deliver the Devon goods in Pokemon ruby?

Give it to the guy who asked you to get the goods back in rustboro city.

Where do you get the map on Pokemon version ruby?

To get the PokeNav, you have to deliver the Devon Goods to Devon, the scientist from Devon Corporation. Obtain these by beating the Team Magma Grunt in Rusturf Tunnel. Once you've done that, the president will give you the PokeNav.Note: This is for Ruby. I'm not sure if this applies to Emerald, Sapphire, or anything else.

What do you do after you deliver the Devon goods answer me?

Go to Devon and talk to everyone in the place

What do you have to do after giving the Devon goods to captain stern pokemon emerald?

You can either go to the next route or get the exp.share from the president.

Where is the guy you are supposed to deliver the Devon goods to on Pokemon Ruby?

he is in slateport by the museum or by the ship dock toward mauville on the right

What do you do when you deliver the Devon goods on Pokemon emerald?

you'll have to talk to a researcher/scientist looking guy inside the building below the museum, then he'll tell you that the professor isn't there, then you'll have to go to the museum to find the professor on the 2nd level.

Where do you get the Devon goods back of team aqua?

you deliver it to captn.stern

Where to get the map Pokemon Emerald?

the presedent of the devin corpration gives a pokenav to us when we save the Devon guy from team aqua/magma but he also tells us to delever a letter to steven and the Devon goods to stern in slateport