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you cant.

In gold you cant catch weedle.

i have a handbook

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Q: Where to catch caterpie in Pokemon Silver?
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How do you get Butterfree in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can catch a caterpie or metapod at the national park north of goldenrod city. After you catch the caterpie evolve it to a Metapod and then evolve it to a Butterfree.

What pokemon can you catch in the viridan foriest in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod, Kakuna, Pikachu.

Which pokemon did ash catch first?

Pikachu, He didnt exactly catch Pikachu it was given to him by Professor Oak. The first pokemon he caught was Caterpie

How do you you catch caterpie in silver?

Caterpie (exacelent Pokemon to start with by the way) can be obtined in the grass after NewTown (The town were you start) with a pokeball. Tha chance of finding one is greater in the morning then in the evening and it cannot be obtained at night. It is also available in the bugcatching contests.

How can you catch a Butterfree in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't catch a wild butterfree in Pokémon fire red. You have to catch either a Caterpie or Metapod and evolve them. Caterpie evolves at level 7 and Metapod evolves at level 10. Have fun! :)

How do you catch caterpie?

to catch a caterpie, you must first have poke balls and some weak pokemon. you weaken the caterpie down to red health and the throw your poke ball. if this does not work, keep on throwing your poke balls until it eventually works. hope this helps.

What level does catterpie evolve Pokemon Crystal?

Caterpie evolves into Metapod at level 7, and then into Butterfree at level 10

Is Pokemon Gold Version better than Silver Version?

no they both have different names and Pokemon gold you can eaisly find a caterpie and you can find one gold caterpie=gold metapod=pink butter free and silver you can find a silver weedle=silver kakuna = some colored beedrill.

Where can you catch caterpie in platinum?

on route 204 although you need Pokemon fire red in the gba a slot

Can you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Silver?

No you can't catch Mewtwo in Pokemon silver, you must trade it from Pokemon yellow.

Where you can find Butterfree in Pokemon Vortex?

in the grass maps.if you find the caterpie catch it and evlove it to its final stage butterfree

Where do you catch teddiursa in Pokemon Silver?

to find out how to catch teddiursa in Pokemon silver... YOU CAN'T IDIOT