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Go left from Lilycove until you get to a pier thing. Surf down then right. Go through the door. Go left. Out the door. You're at Mt. Pyre.

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Q: Where route is Mt Pyre on Pokemon ruby?
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Where is mt Pyre in Pokemon sapphire?

From Route 121, go south and surf on Route 122 and you'll find Mt. Pyre.

Where can you find the red orb in Pokemon ruby?

Mt. Pyre

How do you find chemicho on Pokemon ruby?

Chimecho is in Mt. Pyre Summit.

How do you catch a chimicho on Pokemon Ruby?

Mt. Pyre, but they are rare, be patient

Can you get vulpix on Pokemon ruby?

You find Vulpix in the exterior of Mt. Pyre.

Where is mt prye?

Mt. Pyre is located in Route 122 on Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. It can be accessed via Route 121 west of Lilycove City. You will need a Pokemon with the HM Surf in order to reach Mt.Pyre itself.

Where is Mt Coronet at in ruby?

Mt. Coronet is in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, not Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. You must be thinking about Mt. Pyre.

Where is Mt Pyre on Pokemon Emerald?

Mt. Pyre in Pokemon Emerald is near Lilycove City on Route 122. You have to surf to get there, or make it to the Safari zone. There's a cave where you have to go in and move up, and there you will find Mt. Pyre.

What are all of the Pokemon on mt pyre in ruby?

because they are now face the fact

Where is chimecoon Pokemon ruby?

it is at mt pyre in the highest area that you can search in grass

Where to go on rouite 121 on Pokemon ruby?

Route 121 has the Safari Zone on it plus you can surf to Mt. Pyre and route 123 from it. If you continue following the path, it will lead you to Lilycove City.

Can i see maps of Pokemon ruby's mt pyre?

Yeah get a guide or go to for the Pokemon walkthrough.