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You get to Turtle Isle by taking the boat from Hoof isle docks and that takes you to Shelton on Turtle isle :)

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Q: Where is turtle isle on HorseIsle 1?
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Where are chickletti and blinky on HorseIsle?

In the inn on Turtle Isle

How do you get to turtle isle on horseisle?

Take the boat from Treeton.

Where is Matti on HorseIsle?

Matti is in the playground in Shellton, on Turtle Isle.

Who makes pies on HorseIsle?

Sara, the mayer of Turtle Isle.

Where is ateryu's house on HorseIsle?

Atreyu lives on Turtle Isle.

What is the smallest isle on HorseIsle?

The NeverEnding Isle. You can only get there by talking to the man on the beach on Turtle Isle, you do his quest and you will be aloud to travel there when ever you like. It is left of Turtle Isle on Beach

How do you get to bone isle on HorseIsle?

There is a guy that lives in a cabin on the head of Turtle Isle. Talk to him and he will send you there.

Where can you find Mrturtle on HorseIsle?

Mr. Turtle is on Turtle Isle. He is in the house just above the town.

What isle is the sewing workshop on in HorseIsle?

To make craft shirts and cloths go to Shelton in Turtle Isle.

In HorseIsle how can you get to rock isle?

Talk to Mr Tuttle on Turtle Isle and he will send you to Lilac Isle. When you are on Lilac Isle you need to find Bailey. When you have found Bailey she will send you to Rock Isle.

Where are Tanagramas 4-8 on HorseIsle?

1 - Earton, Horse Isle 2 - Appleton Horse Isle 3 - Treeton, Horse Isle 4 - Art Isle 5 - Dolphin Isle 6 - Shellton, Turtle Isle 7 - Wington, Bird Isle 8 - Hotton, Desert Isle

Where do you find beautiful tack on HorseIsle?

Turtle isle gear shop. It costs $1,020,000.Jellyfish, Grey Server.