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From either Hotton or Hoof Isle docks

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Q: How do you get to torrid isle on horseisle?
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Where is Senor Cangrejo on HorseIsle?

He is a spider in one of the skulls, north east on Torrid isle.

What is the isle that camels can be found on in HorseIsle?

They can be found on any of the Sand Isles, Dust Isle, Torrid and Desert Isle GeorgiaRose Palomino server

What is the only isle that Camels can be found on horseisle?

Camels can only be found on the Desert. That means they can be found on Desert Isle, The Sand Isles, Dust Isle or Torrid Isle.

Where do you find pyramid 6 on HorseIsle?

Just southwest of Leroy's cabin, located on the grass peninsula. Horse Isle: BlindedxBlack (Cremello)

How do you get to torrid isle?

Go to hotton. Than to torrid via boat :D

Which is the largest isle on Horse Isle?

The largest isle on HorseIsle is Jungle Isle.

Where is pyramid 2 on horseisle?

They are all scattered around Desert Isle, Torrid and the Sand Isles GeorgiaRose Palomino Server

What is the largest isle on HorseIsle?

Jungle Isle by far!horse isle answer:

Where is Alpine Isle Labyrinth in HorseIsle?

Alpine Isle. But in the middle of the isle.

How do you get to pirate isle on HorseIsle 2?

how do you get to pirate isle

What is a isle that is not in HorseIsle?

Dog Isle is not an isle. -FoxFire and JumpingWater (((** Proud Bayians **)))

Which isle can Appaloosa be captured on HorseIsle?

Any isle except Cloud Isle