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It is in mission 9 and its at the back of elder furi's hut besides loads of books

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Q: Where is the yellow and green book in moshi monster mission?
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When is the 3rd moshi monster mission coming out?

Super Moshi Mission 3 has already been released.

Where is the key on the moshi monster mission?

For the first Moshi Monster mission, the key is in the keyhole on the door next to the Furi. Further along in the same mission, there's a key inside the skeleton skull.

Where is the second epic in Moshi Monster's first Super Moshi mission?

Moshi Monsters Super Moshi Mission 1 of Season 1 only has 1 EPIC.

How do you get pocito on moshi monster?

You have to be a member to attract Pocito as he is a moshling that you get after a Super Moshi mission which is the Big Top Circus mission.

Is their a beach in moshi monster world?

Yes, this is part of the new Super Moshi Mission.

What moshi monster mission comes after 10th mission and what is it called?

there are no more missions after mission 10

How do you get a monster stuck in a ball in Moshi Monsters?

If you are talking about the Green Monster in the Red+Yellow Ball here is the code you put in (below the pass. when u sign in):MOSHLINGZOO1

What is the moshi monster that looks like Pikachu?

The Moshi Monster that looks like Pikachu is a Yellow Katsuma with Black Stripes.

What is the yellow moshi monster glump called?


Can you get a yellow magic beans on moshi monster?


What are the moshi monster cheats to find dr.strangeloves hideout?

play moshi mission 1/4 and its in the forest

Who do get on mission number 9 on moshi monster?

tomba the wishful snowout