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you have to click on gabby then go on the app Gabby's Laser

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Q: Where is the cog on mission 9 moshi monster?
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Where do you get the cog from on moshi monsters mission 9?

it is one of the snow glumps use gabys lasar to find it

Where do you find the cog on mission 9 moshi monsters?

under the lump of snow closest to the thing your trying to activate

Who do get on mission number 9 on moshi monster?

tomba the wishful snowout

When is Leo coming out on Moshi Monsters?

leo is coming out in october or september you problem get him in a series 2 moshi monster mission maybe mission 9 or 10

Where is the yellow and green book in moshi monster mission?

It is in mission 9 and its at the back of elder furi's hut besides loads of books

What is after level 9 in the super moshi mission in Moshi Monsters?

There are no levels in the Super Moshi Missions. You can earn XP by completing Super Moshi Missions which will help increase your monster's level.

When will moshi monsters mission 9 be released?

its out.

When is moshi monsters mission 9 out?


How do you get tomba on moshi?

Clear Mission 9.

How do you get Tomba the Moshling on Moshi Monsters?

To get Tomba, you have to be a paid Moshi Member and complete Super Moshi Mission 9. 063 *Tomba the Wishful Snowtot [Snowies] Rare: Super Moshi Mission 9: Snow Way Out

What moshling do you get for Super Moshi Mission 9?

You will get Tomba the Wishful Snowtot when you complete Super Moshi Mission 9: Snow Way Out. 063: Tomba the Wishful Snowtot [Snowies] Rare: Mission 9: Snow Way Out

What do you do on Moshi Monsters after you finish mission 9 on Super Moshi?

easy you play the game :)