Where is the warden in safari zone?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The warden isn't in the Safari Zone, he is in a building to the left of the Pokécentre. His teeth are in Area 3 of the Safari Zone. Return them to him for HM04 - Strength.

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Q: Where is the warden in safari zone?
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Were do you find the safarie zone warden?

The safari zone warden is in his house in the safari. he is the warden of zone 3.

How do you find the warden in the safari zone?

he's not in the safari zone, he's in fusia city

Where do you find Safari Zone Warden in Pokemon fire red?

The first Warden that gives you "surf" is in the farthest corner of the Safari Zone. The second Warden that gives you "strength" is in the house with the mailbox to the right of the healing area in the city with the Safari Zone.

How do you get in the safari zone heartgold?

You have to wait for Baoba the Warden to call you to tell you the safari zone is open.

Where do you find the warden in blue version?

The Safari Zone?

How do you get strengh in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Give the Warden his teeth (in the safari zone)

Safari zone Pokemon Gold?

The Safari Zone is not open in Gold, Silver or Crystal version because the Warden had left Fuchsia City you cannot ever go inside the Safari Zone.

Where is the safari zone warden in Pokemon heart gold?

The warden is to the east of the moomoo farm and the west of ecruteak city

What is the Safari Zone Warden trying to say in Pokemon FireRed?

He is telling u go find his teeth at the safari zone. It is at the far side of the safari zone where you find the HM 03, which holds surf.

Where in the safari zone do you get strength?

You have to find the Wardens Golden teeth.They are by the place were you get surf. Then return them to him. The Warden is in a house by the safari

Where is warden slowpoke in the safari zone on Pokemon fire red?

he is in his house in fusha city he lost his gold teeth and you have to find in the safari zone right next to wear you get HM surf at the end of the safari zone.

How do you get strength in Pokemon Red?

find the Warden's teeth in the Safari Zone and give them to the Warden in the house at the bottom of Fuschia City