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The wailmer pail in Pokemon emerald is south of Rustburo city. Just keep following the path.

South of Rustboro city is a flower shop in a corner on the left side of your screen. Talk to the lady on the stool and there you go. The purpose of wailmer pail is to get suduwoodo east once you get to battle frontier. If you don't already know there is a way to clone Pokemon and items on emerald.........look it up you have to get to battle frontier and when the vid says to reset your game press Select,Start,A and B at the same select and start at first then press a and b its easier this way

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Q: Where is the wailmer pail in emerald?
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What does the wailmer pail do in emerald?

Wailmer pail waters the plantes

What Pokemon do you find after you get waterpail on emerald?

if you have a wailmer pail go to the battle frontier and there is a weird looking tree and use the wailmer pail( it's a Swodowodo)

How do you get wailmer pail emerald?

In Route 104 near Rustboro City, enter the Pretty Petal Flower Shop and talk to the girl in there... She'll give you the Wailmer Pail...

How do you move the Pokemon sudowoodo at the battle frontier in emerald?

stand in front and use the wailmer pail at it,it wall say:the tree does not like the wailmer pail!the tree attacked!

How do you get the Sudowodo out of the way on Pokemon emerald?

get the wailmer pail from the flower store and water it!

Where to get wailmer pail in Pokemon Emerald?

You can get the wailmer pail from owner of Flower Shop on northern route 104 (just in front of Rustboro City). She is the girl closet to the back wall.

How do you move the wiggling tree at the battle fronteir Pokemon Emerald?

use the wailmer pail.

How do you wake up sodwoodo in poekmon emerald?

use the wailmer pail that you get from berry shop on it

Im pokemon emerald What is with the wiggling tree in the battle fronteir?

Use the wailmer Pail on it it is a sudowoodo

Special spray to get sudowudoo in Pokemon emerald?

the wailmer pail is in the flower shop south of rustboro city

How can you get a Wailmer Pail on Pokemon emerald?

Yes from the same place... Except it's called a sprayduck or something.

Can you get another wailmer pail?

actually, no. The wailmer pail can be received only once.