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He is in Eterna city next to Pokemon center!

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Q: Where is the underground man in platinum?
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Where is underground in Pokemon platinum?

Underground,But If You Wanted To Go Underground Go To Eterna City,And In One Of The Houses,There Is A Man Who Gives You A Explorer Pack,And With That You Can Go Underground.

When was Platinum Underground created?

Platinum Underground was created in 2001.

How do you get a secret base in pokèmon platinum?

you must get the digger drill from the old man in eterna city or get it from the man underground

Can you can go underground in Pokemon platinum?

yes. you talk to the underground man in eterna city in the house next to the Pokemon center and he will give you a kit and you use it to go underground.

How do you get the platinum flag in the underground on Pokemon platinum?

take 50 flags in the underground

How do you build a fort in the Pokemon platinum mine?

To get a secret base underground, talk to a trap trader or finish some of the underground man's challenges.

How do you meet your friend at the statue in platinum?

Visit the underground man and then go towards the Pokemon statue, he should meet you there.

How do you get the platinum flag underground?

You can get the Platinum Flag underground if you keep stealing flags from the person you are underground with.Not the fat hikers,the people you are doing wireless connection with.

Where to get a sun stone in platinum?

In the Underground.

What happens when you bury a sphere in pokemon platinum?

If you leave them long enough they will grow to larger sphere's the underground man should explain that.

Is there any Pokemon underground on Pokemon Platinum?


Where do you find a moon stone on platinum?

in the underground