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Its is invisible in one of the rooms

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Q: Where is the thunderstone in the solaceon ruins?
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Is there a Thunderstone in the Solaceon Ruins?

Yes, there is

Where in the solaceon ruins is the thunderstone?

On the 2nd floor top left

How do you get a firestone in platinum?

You can get a fire stone in the Solaceon Ruins. YOu can also get a water and thunderstone. You have to go to random rocks

How do you evolve a Eevee?

You can either use a water stone, a fire stone or a thunderstone. You can find these stones in Solaceon Ruins by going to the random stones and clicking on them.

What is in the solaceon ruins?

You will find Unown in the Solaceon Ruins and the HM Defog.

Where in solaceon ruins is the water stone?

There are no water stones in the solaceon ruins

What is solaceon ruins for?

the solaceon ruins are an optional dungeon for catching the unown. just like the ruins of alph

Where can you get a Thunderstone in Pokemon Pearl?

The Thunder Stone can be found in the Underground, Sunyshore City, and the Solaceon Ruins. The Thunder Stone is used to evolve some Pokemon like Pikachu.

Where to get defog in pearl?

you get it in the solaceon ruins to the right of solaceon town

Were is the Solaceon Ruins in Pokemon Pearl?

In solaceon town there is a section to the right. There is a house and further to the right a cave. That is the ruins.

What is the item on top of the solaceon ruins?

the item over the entrance to the solaceon ruins (the unown place) is a rare candy

Where to find an unown in Pokemon pearl?

In the Solaceon Ruins in Solaceon Town