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The Thunder Stone can be found in the Underground, Sunyshore City, and the Solaceon Ruins. The Thunder Stone is used to evolve some Pokemon like Pikachu.

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Q: Where can you get a Thunderstone in Pokemon Pearl?
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How do you get a thunderstone in Pokemon pearl?

The Underground or Sunyshore City

Where can you get thunderstone in Pokemon pearl?

You can get one in sunnyshore city or underGround

Where is Pokemon 135 in Pokemon pearl?

Pokemon 135 is a Jolteon you must get and evee and put a thunderstone on it!

What Pokemon can evolve with thunderstone?

pikachu evolves into raichu if you use a thunderstone on him other Pokemon evolves to if you use it but i don't now them DIAMOND AND PEARL ONLY

What held items evolve Pokemon on pearl?

A Thunderstone can evovle Pickachu.

Where is a thunderstone in pokemon pearl?

In sunnyshore city in front of the lighthouse there is one on the ground

Pokemon pearl buy thunderstone?

no, you can only get them from using the explorer kit or sunnyshore

How do you evolve pikachu into Raichu in Pokemon pearl?

You use a thunderstone. I did Riachu is amazing!

Where can you find a thunderstone in Pokemon pearl?

You can get one in sunyshore or u can dig for one underground

What Pokemon use the Thunderstone in Pokemon Ruby?

Pikachu+Thunderstone=Raichu Eevee+Thunderstone=Jolteon These are the only 2 pokemon that evolve with the thunderstone in pokemon emerald

Where do you find a thunderstone on pokemon pearl?

I'm not exactly sure ,but i think you have to go underground and dug it up.

Pokemon Pearl how to elvove an Eevee?

you have to use an evolution stone like a fire stone, thunderstone etc.