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on the ship

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Q: Where is the third metal pole on the Sims 2 Castaway DS?
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On sims castaway for Nintendo dsi How do you find the metal pole needed for the cooking fire and spit for chef butcher?

Hi you can find the pole on the third island neartheplane crashbut ineed help with the other part too

Where do you catch a marlin in the sims 2 castaway for wii?

I caught a marlin with a wooden fishing pole at N. volcano beach at third island

How do you create the wooden fishing pole on Sims 2 Castaway?

you have to do the goals to unlock the wooden fish pole

How do you get metal pole in SIM castaway ds?

Your sim has to get the stripper profession.

What are the materials to craft the fishing pole in Sims 2 castaway?

You have to getbamboonailsthreadI hope this answered your question.

How do you catch a shark on sims 2 castaway ps2?

go to the tidal pool at night on the third island and fish in the deep area neer the waterfall. i caught a tiger shark using bamboo fishing pole

In sims 2 castaway psp how do you get a logic point?

Fish with a pole, find map and hierogliphic peices, or play chess

How do you fish a tiger shark in sims 2 castaway psp?

go to tidal pool use bamboo fishing pole to fish

Where can you find a ancient pier in the sims 2 castaway PS2?

you go to pier beach then you look at the 2 large poles,it is next to the right pole!

Where is the fishing pole in sims castaway?

You need to find several objects. These are: Bamboo. You can get this from Ms. Weeder. Thread. You need to make this out of the vines. Nails. They're in the box that washes up on the shore. When you've gotten these things together, then you can make the fishing pole.

How do you obtain the plans to make a bamboo fishing pole in sims castaway ps2?

I need it to catch the tiger shark to obtain my last piece of the treasure map, but I don't seem to have the plans for it, can anyone help?

In sims 2 how do you get your sim to poledance?

The dance pole is a third party download. It comes with a long read me file, which you do need to read.