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Ther is a teleporter on a hill in the Hill Land. Once you find the tele, there is a bunch of teles. The right tele is the 2nd to the top on the last row.

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Q: Where is the teleporter domo on roblox find the domos?
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Were to find Domo? has lots of domos.

Where can you buy a domo doll? I say and put in the little box domo and there is about 4,000 things of domos to buy! I bought one. Or you may try but it is much harder to find one there i did find 2 , but it took like 10 minutes.

Is there a domo bedspread?

Yes you can find a domo bedspread in asia.

Where Can I Find a Domo Kun?

You can find domo-kun in places like China Town or Flushing, NY. There are tiny stores there that you can find him. Two places that I know of is Elizabeth Mall and Flushing Mall.^-^

Where can you find a domo hat in San Jose?

online or in the malls

Where do you find the card key?

Go to F5. go all the way down. you will see a member of Team Rocket standing beside a teleporter. Step on the teleporter. Once you have teleported to different room (with a scientist in it) step on the SAME teleporter that you came from to return. Go right and you will find the card key.

How do you find Roblox studio?

1) Go to Start Menu 2) Type in ROBLOX in the search bar 3) Find the ROBLOX folder and click on it 4) Inside the ROBLOX folder you can find ROBLOX/ROBLOX Player, ROBLOX Studio, and ROBLOX Studio 2.0 This question has been Improved by the same person.

Where can I find Clockwork's Level Calculator on Roblox?

its not on roblox it might be on roblox wiki?

How do you make teleports on roblox?

You can find easy to use teleports in the free models. The easiest kind to use consist of two bricks where one will teleport you to the other when you step on it. If you want something more suited to your specific needs you will have to learn to script. For more information on this, check out the related questions below.

How do you make a TARDIS on roblox?

flyable TARDIS1: go into build, NOT EDIT2: go into free models and search davydeckwalker3: insert his NXT TARDIS model and insert4: find the TARDIS spots in free models and insert5: delete thewalls floor and structure BUT NOT THE CONSOLE AND SEATS6: make your own walls and edit the outside look until you have what you wantnon-flyable TARDIS1: get a teleporter from free models2: make the TARDIS inside and put the teleporter at the interior door3: make the outside so one door is uncollidable and put the teleporter inside at the back.Hope it Helped~Anonymous

Where can I find help on Roblox?

You can find help on Roblox by clicking the help link near the upper right corner of the screen on the Roblox website.

How do you do the toolbox in game glitch in Roblox?

Message me on Roblox to find out ;)