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Message me on Roblox to find out ;)

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Q: How do you do the toolbox in game glitch in Roblox?
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How do you fix your roblox studio toolbox?

help me my toolbox just broken

How do you wear models on roblox?

view toolbox

How do you use your models in roblox studio?


How do you fix the roblox is updating glitch?

To fix the roblox updating glitch, simply factory restore your device.

Roblox glitch for military tycoon is - back?

The glitch is broken.

How do you alt F2 glitch on roblox?

Theres no glitch. It's a little something called spam. Guess what? Posting that all around Roblox get's YOU ban! :D You can't glitch or hack Roblox. They have guards and hack controls.

How do you do the double hat glitch on roblox without a program?

The hat glitch is no longer a glitch. It's now a feature of Roblox. You may put on a maximum of 3 hats at a time.

How do you get the red banded top hat on roblox?

You have to report a glitch on gametest roblox

How do you steal ROBLOX scripts?

You can't unless they are open for use in the toolbox.

How do you put models in your place on roblox 2011?

On the options menu in game, click "studio mode" then click toolbox. If you want an easier way, join the insert tool wanters on roblox to fight for the usual way!

How do you use models in roblox 2012?

Go to the Toolbox, which is in the top right corner that has two wrenches. You will have to go to Roblox Studio either edit or build to get it. If you want a toolbox exploit, I can't tell you or else it will leak.

How do you import models on roblox?

You import models into your game by going to the toolbox-->Free/My Models. Then you type in what you want in the little text box. Then, click on the model you want, and there you have it!