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It is located on the second floor under wool beards room

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Q: Where is the team skill book on wool beard's ship in fossil fighters?
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Where do you find the skill book in the pirate ship in fossil fighters?

in the pirate ship

How do you use team skills on fossil fighters?

You have to read the team skill book at The Abandoned pirate ship in Bottomsup Bay, but if you already read it, you need to place 3 compatible Vivosaurs in the same team (i.e Ptera,Neo, Megalo etc.)

What is fossil power in the game fossil fighters?

I think I know what you mean... Captian Woolbeard treasure, eh? Umm... well... you get it in a treasure box and it's help to get your vivosaur's rank up(a book of raising skill and rank) and you'll probably find three treasure boxes so look for them all and find that book!!!! Good Luck! ( When you get way, way farther the battles are really tough so try to level up your vivosaurs!) HOPE THIS HELPED!!! :) ~Michi

How do you get Aopteryx to learn Elder Wrath in fossil fighters?

you have to have already found the book on team skills (in the pirate ship in bottomsup bay). then, once yyou revive it, it will already know elder wrath.

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