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Rifka does make it to America at the end of the book when saul gives her the pushkin book so that she can read the poetry that she wrote to the doctors. they then qualify her to go to America because of her skill

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Q: Does rifka make it to America in letters from rifka?
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When was Letters from Rifka created?

Letters from Rifka was created in 1992.

Has a movie been made from Letters from Rifka?

No, there is not a movie for Letters from Rifka. Sadly!

What were all rifkas brothers names in the book letters from rifka?

In the book "Letters from Rifka," Rifka had three brothers named Nathan, Saul, and Mordecai.

In the book Letters to Rifka letter 9 why does Rifka kiss the milkman's hand?

Rifka kisses the milkman's hand because

What is a summary for each chapter 1-21 on the book letters from rifka?

"Letters from Rifka" follows a young Jewish girl named Rifka as she travels from Russia to America in the early 20th century. Throughout her journey, Rifka faces many challenges, including illness and separation from her family. Each chapter details a different part of her journey and the people she meets along the way.

What is a novel by Pushkin?

letters from rifka

What are some charecteristicts of rifka in letters from rifka?

Motherly, responsible, Caring, clever, Brave, and independent!

What is the plot development in Letters from Rifka?

interesting, superb, great, overall basically anything positive could be a character trait for letters from rifka

In the book Letters From Rifka how does Rifka describe Saul?

Rifka describes Saul as 'ox like' and big and strong. She also describes him as annoying and teasing.

Is Letters from Rifka on audio cassette or CD?


What is the conflict in letter from Rifka?

The conflict in "Letters from Rifka" revolves around the protagonist, Rifka, a Jewish girl escaping persecution in Russia. She battles external conflicts such as navigating through war-torn Europe and immigration challenges, as well as internal conflicts like fear, loneliness, and adjusting to a new life in America.

What are some of the characters from letters from rifka?

Saul, Rifka, Tova, Uncle benny, iilyam I dont know them all