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the man on mnt. pyere gives it to you af ter you beat them on mnt. pyere

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Q: Where is the team magma emblem on Pokemon emerald?
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What is the magma emblem used for?

The Magma Emblem is used for getting into Team Magma's base in Pokemon Emerald Version.

Where is the team magma emblem in Pokemon emerald?

somewhere in their base

How do you get the Magma Emblem on Pokemon Emerald?

Go to the top of Mt. Pyre summit and you will discover Maxie/Archie already took the Orb that was upon the summit. The elderly man will give you the Magma Emblem to open Team Magma's hideout.

What do you do after the leaders of team aqua and magma take the orbs?

If you are playing Pokemon Emerald, talk to the Old Lady at the top of Mt. Pyre and she'll give you the Magma Emblem. Take the Magma Emblem to Jagged Pass, south of Mt. Chimney, then find the door with the fire symbol on it. The Magma Emblem will activated the door and the entrance will open for you to go into Team Magma's Hideout.

How do you get to team magma's base in Pokemon emerald?

it's on the jagged pass at Mt. Chimney. But before you need to make sure you have the Magma emblem from the the old couple at Mt Pyre.

Where do you get the team magma emblem on Pokemon sappphire?

From The lady inMT.PYRE

How can you get through team magma at mount chimney?

Beat them. To get to their base goto mt pyre and get a magma emblem for emerald

Where is team magma's new hideout in Emerald?

On Mt Chimney to find it you need a magma emblem which you will get on Mt Pyre.

What Pokemon game has Team Aqua and Team Magma in it?

Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, and Saphire.

Where do you go after you get the magma emblem on Pokemon emerald?

go to the cable car at 112.go down the hill to jagged pass.the magma amulet shakes.a cave opens up.go in the cave.and you in team magma now you know what to do

How do you get to mt.chimy Pokemon emerald?

To get to Mount Chimney, you have to go to Slateport, go into the water museum, defeat Team Aqua, go to Fallarbor town, defeat team Magma and get the magma emblem, go back to the cable car and go up.

How do you rescue MrBrainey in Pokemon emerald?

You have him in a forest from team magma.