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U go in and go straight up the stairs and there is a statue touch the statue nd u pushed the switch.

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Q: Where is the switch in Pokemon mansion in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you get through the Pokemon mansion in FireRed?

you just have to switch the switches.

Is Ditto in Pokemon mansion in Pokemon FireRed?


Where can you catch growlith in Pokemon FireRed?

Growlithe is found in the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island in Pokemon Firered.

Pokemon FireRed mew cinabar island mansion?

There no Mew in firered.

What do you do in Pokemon Mansion in Pokemon FireRed?

You go and get trolled THE GAME

Where is the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon FireRed version?

On Cinnabar Island

Where is tm22 in Pokemon FireRed?

TM22 is Solarbeam. You get it at the Pokemon Mansion.

Where is celedon mansion on Pokemon FireRed?

The Celadon Mansion is the large building by the Department Store and Pokemon Center.

Can you get grimer with the old rod in Pokemon FireRed?

No you find it in Pokemon mansion.

Where do you find the key in Pokemon FireRed in the Pokemon mansion?

In the house you jerk!

Where do you catch a Ditto in Pokemon FireRed?

in the pokemon mansion lvl 30 ditto

Who gives you the Pokemon Eeve in Pokemon FireRed?

One of the NPCs in Celadon Mansion.