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in vermillion city

Improved: After you defeat the elite 4 then get you National Dex go to Vermilion City and go to the house left of the PokeCenter. When you enter talk to the guy standing there and he'll tell you to catch the biggest Magikarp for the Fishing Guru of Lake Rage. Catch the biggest one you can find and give it to the Guru of Lake Rage and he'll give you a Super Rod.

Never mind. The answer I had on here was how to get the Super Rod in Soul Silver.

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Q: Where is the super rod in Pokemon Silver?
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Where can i get a super rod on Pokemon soul silver?

explore a bridge in kanto

Were can you find dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon Silver version?

The only Dragon type Pokemon Introduced in Pokemon Silver was Kingdra, who you have to evolve, Dratini can also be found in the Dragon's Den underneath Blackthorn City by using the Super rod and Good rod and on Route 45 by using a Super rod. Dragonair can be found in the same locations by using the Super rod

Where is the super rod Pokemon silver?

It is in Kanto on Route 12 (Fishing Guru)

Where can you find lanturn in Pokemon soul silver?

Fishing in Vermillion with a Super Rod.

Where do you get super rod in Pokemon Silver?

verillon city in the house next to the poke center

How do you get carracosta?

if its on pokemon soul silver, just use your super rod in violet city.

Where do you catch the best Pokemon with a super rod in soul silver?

Mostly safari zone

How get a wishcash in Pokemon silver?

on Wednesday the 2nd 2011 on Pokemon talk prof oak will tell you that you get them by using your {old rod good rod super rod} and you get them in violet city.

Where do you get a super rod in Pokemon Silver?

You talk to the fisherman on route 44 in Kanto his house in on the dock.

Where can you get a super rod in silver?

After completing the pokemon league in the Jhoto region, go to the Kanto region and talk to a man in a house on Route 12. He will give you a Super Rod.

Where are all the rods in Pokemon soul silver?

they are the good rod the u get the super rod and finally u get the master rod and u also get to catch diffrent pokemon with each rod answerd by benbower-rose

Where do you get a super rod on Pokemon indigo?

The Super Rod is not obtainable in Pokemon Indigo/UnovaRPG.