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the super rod is in mossdeep city at the house past the space station

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Q: Where is the super rod Pokemon Emerald?
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Super rod Pokemon Emerald?

The super rod is received in mossdeep city.

Where is the super rod in emarld?

The super rod in pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald is in mossdeep city.

How do you get a carvanah in pokemon emerald?

You have to fish with a super rod.

How do you get the super rod in Pokemon Emerald?

The Super Rod is located in Mossdeep city. The player receives the Super Rod by talking to the fisherman in the northern most house.

Where to get relicanth in Pokemon emerald?

in route 226 and use super rod

Where to get the super rod in Pokemon emerald?

The fisherman who gives you the super rod is in mossdeep city his house is to the left of the space center.

How do you get an ultra rod on Pokemon emerald?

there's no ultra rod there's only a old rod,good rod, & super rod..veronica

Where do you get a barbaroach in Pokemon emerald?

go fishing in falador town with a good rod of super rod or surf.

How do you get a wailmer in Pokemon emerald?

use a super rod in the ocean near lilycove

Where to get luvdisc in emerald?

In the Pokemon League. NEar the waterfall. Use a super Rod

Where can you catch a staryu on Pokemon Emerald?

Use the Super Rod in Lilycove City.

Where do you catch Sharpedo in Pokemon Ruby?

I know in emerald you can at Mossdeep with a super rod.