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use the dousing app. around the lobby

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Q: Where is the suite key in Pokemon diamond?
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On Pokemon diamond where do you find the girls suite key?

you can't.

Where is the suite key that the lady looses at the valor lakefront in Pokemon diamond?

use the dowsing machine near the suite

Where do you find a suite key in Pokemon diamond versen?

Truly I dont think you can get it in Diamond or Pearl version sorry.

Where is the Suite Key in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

The Suite Key is northwest in front of the entrance to the beach of Route 213. You will need to use the Dowsing Machine Poketch App to find it.

What do you do with the suite key on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You give it to the girl who is locked out of her cabin. She will give you lava cookies

Where do you get a suite key in Pokemon diamond?

Use your dowsing machine around Lake valor and you should find it neartwo homes

How do you get the special event on Pokemon Diamond?

where are special key in Pokemon diamond where are special key in Pokemon diamond

Where to get a diamond key on Pokemon Diamond?

This key is non-existent.

Is there any types of cookies in Pokemon diamond?

As far as I know, you can get a Lava Cookie from the lady who is looking for her Suite Key, near the east of Pastoria City.

Where do you get the special key in Pokemon Diamond?

The Special Key is a key item in Pokemon Diamond. You can find this item in a warehouse in Veilstone City.

Where do you find the suite key in diamond?

use your invisible item ditecter on your poketech behind the suit area main building(where you are able to heal your pokemon) and then give it to the lady

Where do you get the suite in Pokemon diamond?

go to the hotel place stop right before enter the lobby and go to the stairs and walk around pressing a then it should say "you found a suite key" then go the woman and she will give u cookie