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saffron city

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Q: Where is the silph scope in Pokemon Red?
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Silph scope Pokemon Red?

That building is in saffron city.

Pokemon fire red how to get to the top floor on the Pokemon tower?

You need to get the Silph Scope.

How do you get the silph scope Pokemon Red?

It is located underneath the game corner in celadon city.

How do you defeat the Pokemon ghosts in the Pokemon tower on Pokemon fire red?

The ghosts can't be fought in their current forms. To beat them you have to see them and you can when you get a Silph Scope. You get the Silph Scope in Celadon City somewhere (No spoilers unless u want them)

Were is the silph scope in sliph co in saffron city for blue Pokemon?

The silph scope is not in silph co its in the game corner.

Where do you get silph scope in Pokemon blue?

Defeat team rocket at the game corner to get the silph scope.

Where to find silph scope in Pokemon fire red?

You get it from one of professor Oak's aids i believe, other wise, you get it from someone from the Silph Co.

Where dO you get the silph scope in Pokemon Silver in?

There is no silph scope in Silver, as Lavender Tower doesn't exist anymore.

What do you do in silph co in pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to go to Silph Co in Pokemon LeafGreen. You have to go there to get the Silph scope, which you need to advance.

How do you see the goast in Pokemon Yellow?

You need to get the Silph Scope from Silph Co.

How do you get passed the last ghost in Pokemon fire red?

You need thesilph scope to see what it is. then, u find out its a marowak and you kill it (because u cant catch it. It was a ghost.) you get the silph scope in silph co.

How do you identify the ghost Pokemon in Pokemon Red?

You will need to use the Silph Scope which is obtained from the rocket boss in the rocket game corner.