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The ghosts can't be fought in their current forms. To beat them you have to see them and you can when you get a Silph Scope. You get the Silph Scope in Celadon City somewhere (No spoilers unless u want them)

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Q: How do you defeat the Pokemon ghosts in the Pokemon tower on Pokemon fire red?
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How you see things in Pokemon tower in Pokemon fire red?

Get the Silph Scope and go back to Lavender Tower. You'll be able to see the ghosts.

How do you reveal the ghosts in Pokemon tower fire red?

Use the Silph Scope. You get this by defeating Team Rocket, when they steal it.

How do we defeat the ghost blocking the entrance to the last floor in the Pokemon tower in Pokemon fire red?

You have to get the silph scope. To get this you must go to the game corner in Celadon then go to the poster at the back to reveal the team rocket hideout, you must then battle through the hideout then beat the leader who will give you the silph scope so you can see ghosts, you can then defeat the ghost blocking the way and continue up the tower.

How do you get past the level 30 ghost at Pokemon tower fire red?

You need the Silph Scope to see it, then defeat it.

What do you do to get past the ghost in Pokemon tower in fire red?

you need to find the silph scope this will reveal the ghost to be a marowak you can then defeat it

What do you use to find out the Pokemon in the Pokemon Tower in Fire Red like it is a ghost but it has no id?

go to and some one will give you a *sliph scope* use it to identify the ghosts. did i help??? i hope i did!.

How do you defeat steven in Pokemon ruby?

have a strong fire Pokemon or fire move

How do you defeat iron balloons in btd4?

Bomb tower, fire

What happens after you defeat the trainer tower in fire red?

you get punched in the face

Gba Pokemon fire red how to get pass Snorlax?

you have to defeat or catch the snoxlax bye waking it up with the flute that you get for freeing Mr. Fuji from team rocket at Pokemon tower. snoxlax is at level 30

What does Fire Pokemon Defeat on Pokemon Diamond?

Fire types are good against Steel,Ice,Bug,and Grass Pokemon.

How do you put marowak's spirit to rest in fire red version pokemon?

Get the Silph Scope from the Celadon Rocket Hideout, then ascend to the top of the Pokemon Tower. Then, you'll be able to identify Marowak and defeat it to lay it to rest.