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you have to do in game things to unlock the door so... Giving the passwords wouldn't work

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Q: Where is the second code for the rocket warehouse on fire red?
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How do you get the sapphire in fire-red after the guy from team rocket gets it?

That's simple, he gives you the second password to get into the Rocket Warehouse, which you go back to after he takes the sapphire, then you beat the warehouse and the same guy who stolled the sapphire will give it to you.

What are the first and second passwords for rocket warehouse for Pokemon fire red?

Goldeen and chansey are the answers but it wont matter unless your character knows it.

In Pokemon Fire Red can the Rocket Warehouse in the Meadow be torn down?


Where are the two password in rocket warehouse of Pokemon fire red?

The first password you will get from 2 team rocket grunts at mt ember (after you get national dex). Second is in dotted hole at island 6 when the man working for team rocket who meets you near the sapphire

Where the Pokemon lab in Pokemon fire red?

He Whent to The Rocket Hideout on Five Island.

When you finish the seven islands of fire red version what do you do next?

You must defeat Team Rocket in the Rocket Warehouse. After this all there is left to do is complete your Pokedex.

What island is the rocket warehouse on?

its located on island 5 for fire red but i dont know about leaf green

How you find out the second password for rocket warehouse in fire red?

go to dotted hole on six island to open dotted hole which is on the lower part of the island you must use cut on the door.

How do you get the second password for the rocket warehouse on fire red?

The first you will need to do is get a Pokemon that knows cut and surf. Then go to the dotted hole in the ruin vally. Then you will have to battle a bunch of team rocket members. After all of that use cut on the door and enter. Then you should see 4 holes and a sign with dots. You will need to go up then left then right, then down. You must go in that order! If you don't, you will have to repete the process. After that you will see a sappire. Press A on the sappire. All of a sudden a scientist will drop out of no were take the sappire and tell you the second code because the scientist is from team rocket. Then you will need to go to the warehouse on island 5. Once your there you need to battle a bunch of hard team rocket members.

How do get back the Sapphire from team rocket in fire red?

By now you should've gotten both Passwords, so go to Rocket Warehouse in Island Five. You'll find the Scientist there.

Where is the second team rocket passwaord in fire red?

It is "Chansey naaahh..

How do you get throw the rocket warehouse to get the sapphire in Pokemon fire red?

First you go to the dotted hole on six island and get the ruby. Then a scientist will take it and give you the second password to the team rocket base, then go to five island to the team rocket base. Go threw it and find the scientist, u must battle him. after u beat him he will give it back.