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6 island, dotted hole, use cut on door, then enter, go down hole, then each whole in this pattern, up, left, right, down. then a scientist runs off with it.

rocket warehouse, 5 island, defeat the scientist at the end of there, and he gives it to you


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Q: Where do get the second stone for celio on Pokemon fire red?
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Where in the pass to get to island 4 on Pokemon Fire Red?

Celio in one island has it. When celio askes you to get a sapphire he will gove you it

How can you get a second fire stone in Pokemon Heart Gold?

win 2nd place at a bug catching competition (fire stone or thunder stone 1st place sun stone)

Where do you get the other Stone At for celio in fire red Pokemon?

You first find it in dotted hole on six island however it gets stolen from you go to five island and go into the rocket warehouse and defeat the scientist who took your sapphire he will give it back now you can give the sapphire to celio.

Where do you get the fire stone in Pokemon resolute?

how should i no

What do you do after you defeat the elite four on Pokemon fire red?

You can go to Mt. Ember and get the ruby.give it to celio

What is a fire stone used on?

A fire stone is used on certain Pokemon to make them evolve. The Pokemon that evolve with a fire stone are: ~Evee ~Vulpix ~Growlithe

What Pokemon evolves with a fire stone on Pokemon black?

Pansear uses a fire stone to evolve into Simisear.

How do you get a fire stone for the second time in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?

You find one in the ss libra.

What do you have to do to make celio ask you to get the ruby and sapphire in fire red?

beat the elite four with 60 owned Pokemon in your pokedex. celio will not tell you to get the ruby and Sapphire until u do

What pokemon evolve from fire stone?


Does growlith evolve by himself or fire stone in Pokemon Red?

Fire stone

What does a Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond evolve with a fire stone?

A total of three Pokemon evolve using the Fire Stone: Vulpix, Eevee, and Growlithe.