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there isn't a safari zone in Pokemon Black and White

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Q: Where is the safari zone in Pokemon Black and White?
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Where to find taures in Pokemon firered?

area 3 of safari zone

Is there a safari zone in Black and white version?


Can a whismur be found in the safari zone?

No, in no game version as of Black and White can whismur be found in the Safari Zone.

Where do find a skorupi in Pokemon Silver?

Skorupi is found the safari zone in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.In HeartGold and SoulSilver they are found at the safari zone also.

In Pokemon fire where is the safari zone?

The Safari Zone is in Fushia City.

Where is the safari zone extension in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Safari Zone Extension in FireRed. Only in Pokemon Emerald.

Where is the safari zone in Pokemon Blue?

The Safari Zone is located in Fuschia City.

How do you get to the safari zone in Pokemon leafgreen?

Go to Fuschia city and there is a Safari zone.

How do you get wobuffett in Pokemon?

ruby, common in safari zone sapphire, common in safari zone emerald, common in safari zone

What rare Pokemon are in the safari zone in ruby?

There are a few rare Pokemon you can get in the safari zone they are pinsir, wobuffet and girafarig.

Where is the cave that has all Pokemon in it in the Safari zone on leaf green?

there is no cave in the safari zone.

Where is ponyta in the safari zone on emerald?

Answer:Nowhere, Ponyta is not in the Safari Zone in Pokemon Emerald.