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RS stands for right stick. You push down the right analogue stick.

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what button is rs

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Q: Where is the rs button on Xbox 360 controller?
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Where is rs on a Xbox 360 controller?

rs on the xbox remote is the bottom circle on the right of the remote

Where is rs on xbox 360 controller?

RS is the (right stick) on your controller or if your play first person games a lot like Call of Duty then it's the "look around" button but you push down on it not look down but "push" down on it and it's the button below the pause button or the start button

Where is the RS button on xbox remote controller to attack?

RS stands for "right stick" so just press down on the right stick

Why won't my RS click on my Xbox controller?

Maybe because your controller is damaged (the RS stick).

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Where is the ls and rs button on xbox 360?

Ls ( left stick) and rs (right stick) are the two joy sticks you push then in and you will hear a click and that's what it is.

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What is the price of the XBOX 360 slim in Pakistan?

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How much does a xbox 360 cost in rupees?

10 Rs

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I just visit market yesterday, they are selling Xbox 360 Arcade for Rs. 21,000Rs.18000

How do you grapple in raw 2010?

Normal grapple is RS, and strong grapple is RB + RS. (Only xbox 360)