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Press down the walk button (top right moving button aka RS).

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Q: How do you sprint in cod black ops for xbox?
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What consonles is cod black ops on?

cod black ops is on pc, xbox 360, ps3, as well as wii and ds (i believe). However the main version is on the pc, ps3, and xbox 360.

For COD Black Ops can you play with Xbox friends if you only have a Wii?


How do you reload in cod black ops for Xbox 360?

press x

How do you fix your sprint button for black ops on xbox 360?

get a new controller

How do you sprint and jump in Call of Duty Black Ops?

do you have playstation or xbox 36o

How do you get unlimited ammo on cod black ops zombies for Xbox 360?


Can you get free maps on cod black ops without XBOX Live?

You must have XBOX Live in order to get maps.

Does the Xploder Cheat System for Xbox 360 work with cod black ops?


What is after cod black ops?

MW3 is after COD black ops.

What consoles will Call of Duty Black Ops come out on?

ps3, xbox 360 and PC. Saw cod black ops in PC at wal-mart. (=

When are the new cod black ops maps out?

they are released on xbox now. don't know for PC and ps3

Can you turn off the swearing in cod black ops on xbox 360?

you can its called muting ur tv