How do you go prone cod black ops?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is very easy all you have to do is hold down circle for PS3 and for Xbox 360 you hold down B.

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Q: How do you go prone cod black ops?
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How do you duck on cod black ops?

on 360 press b on ps3 press o hold to go prone

How do you unlock bots on cod black ops?

You go to Combat Training.

How do you change the dvr settings in COD Black Ops?

go on options

How do you get girls pics for cod black ops player card?

Go on YouTube and search how to make girl playercard for Black Ops.

Where do you go to make your emblemon cod black ops?

player card i think

How do you play COD black ops with a friend?

go into multi player go into split screen.

How do you post stuff to the black ops community cod black ops?

You go to theatre mode and render the video and then after you render it you will have the choice to post it

How do you get a sight in black ops?

go to attachments for the gun you want it and buy it with cod points

What are all the COD games that are out?

there we go all of the cod names1=cod 12=cod 23=cod 34= Modern Warfare5= World at War6= Modern Warfare 27=black ops

Why is halo reach beast?

It's not, COD Black Ops is WAY better. So go throw away Reach and get a taste of Black Ops.

How do you join your friend zombie map on cod black ops?

you go to zombies and click online

Should you get killzone 3 or Call of Duty Black Ops?

i would get cod black ops , if u are not a serious gamer go for kill zone , but there both good games ( by the looks of it ) if u have xbox live or playstation N i would get cod black ops if u dont get kill zone