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you can't do it on splitscreen. you have to go on xbox live/playstation live to have more than 2 players in one game.

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Q: How do you get more than 2 players for zombies COD black ops?
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Is Black ops 2 Zombies harder than Black Ops Zombies?

Black Ops 2 Zombies is harder but also way funner than Black Ops Zombies.

Is nazi zombies black ops 4 player?

Yeah, it is but only for people online for with other players, you can't have more than two on the same console for this game for some reason.

Can you play moon more than once on black ops zombies?


Can you upgrde your gun more than once in black ops zombies?

No, you can't upgrade a gun more than once.

Can you co-op Nazi zombies with more than 2 players on one PS3?

yes me and my friend did it with his brother

How do you play more than 2 people on nazi zombies?

You cant its impossible. Maybe in COD 7 will have more players

How many person can have ray gun at one time on call of duty black ops zombies?

all players can have a ray gun in black ops.. its just a matter of luck. Its about a one in a hundred chance that more than one player will though..

Does the PC Game room black ops have zombies?

Yes. Although there are more than usual.

Can you have more than two people on Call of Duty World at War Nazi Zombies when offline?

Yes, on split screen, with four players.

Can you play black ops zombies offline?

yes just go to zombies than splitscreen

Is call of duty world at war zombies better than call of duty black ops zombies?

Im my opinion, black ops zombies is much better because it has bette. Graphics, more balanced out, so on and so forth. But, my answer is biased for it is my opinion, so there is no set-in-stone answer to this question

Is it worth getting mw3 if you already have black ops 2?

I would and I already did get mw3 after black ops 2 for some reasons. One thing I have found out is that black ops 2 players are less competitive than mw3. Finally, the main reason I got mw3 is because it has the mode survival, missions, and chaos which is way more fun and challenging than zombies.