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Your Sims 3 registration code is located on the back of the instructions manual, and will be a selection of letters and numbers.

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Q: Where is the registration code on The Sims 3?
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Where do you find the sims 3 registration code?

In the pamphlet.

Sims 3 Registration code?

That would be illegal. If you want the code, you'd have to buy it.

You don't know your Sims 3 access code and you lost your manual what do you do?

What do I do if I lost the manual to my Sims 3 game and I need to get the registration code.

What is a registration code for sims 3?


What do I do - in sims 3 the registration code box keeps popping up?

type the registration code in.. you can find it on the back of the booklet if you bought the disk.

A registration code for Sims 3?

****-****-****-****-**** That used to be a code, but Electronic Arts (EA) need the money from Sims to keep it running. If you really want Sims 3, ask your parents for it or buy it yourself.

Can someone give you an unused sims 3 registration code?

As long as you have leagally obtained the sims 3, you should be able to get one off EA.

What is the registration code for the sims 3 version 1.0.615.00107?


What is the sims 3 registration code?

It should be on the bottom on the back of the booklet which is found inside the box

How do you find your sims 3 registration code?

On the back of the instruction booklet. It's up at the top.

Where can you find the registration code for sims 3?

When You buy it On the Back On the Lil Book YOu Get With it inside The Case YOu Will See The Code , On The Back Of The Book

What is registration code for Sims 2 apartment life?

Its a different registration code for everyone - so you cant have someone elses code if they have installed it.

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