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it's in front of the night club, beneath the "disco" sign

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Q: Where is the popcorn machine on club penguin?
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In Club Penguin how do you eat popcorn?

You cant eat the popcorn on club penguin

How do you disarm the Herbert popcorn machine with your spy phone in club penguin?

You don't. You click on the orange book.

Where is the popcorn pin on Club Penguin?

it is when the fair was here on club penguin

Where can you get a popcorn machine on Club Penguin?

Go to your igloo and click on edit. Then click the furniture catolog and look for it through out it.

Do you get a popcorn job on Club Penguin?

no. you don't get a popcorn job in club penguin you only could do a coffee serving job. Even when it sells a popcorn job apron or clothes, it is only for style and you get it in the clothing shop in the town in club penguin. I know because I play club penguin everyday. :)

How do you make the popcorn make popcorn in club penguin?

Go to the kicten get popcorn and mikeawave it

On Club Penguin how do you eat popcorn?

You cant

Where is the binweevil popcorn machine?

The Popcorn Machine in Bin Weevils is in one of the rooms in Club Fling.

On club penguin how do you get rid of the popcorn?

You can't, sorry.

How do you eat the popcorn in the HQ on club penguin?

You can't

How do you give out popcorn on club penguin?

press d

How do eat the popcorn in Club Penguin?

unfortunately you can not eat the popcorn it's a mystery why it said that sorry