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Go to Way Back Machine, And Write The Site Of Club Penguin And It Brings Back Old Club Penguin Website..

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Q: How can you get back to the old Club Penguin homepage?
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Were can you find the old Club Penguin?

Type in Google, way back machine, then it will say the website. Write and then you can choose what date and year. However, you can only see the homepage. If you press PLAY NOW you will be sent to the Modern Club Penguin game. You can only check the homepage!!!

Can you go to the old version of Club Penguin?

Yes you can actually! If you don't go on Club Penguin for a month then go back on it and you'll be in the old Club Penguin!

Do you like old Club Penguin or new Club Penguin?

Personally I prefer new club penguin but the difference is minimum and old club penguin was nice as well. There is a group of penguins called the nonewcp who insist and try to persuade people and sometimes club penguin its self, to bring old club penguin back.

Should we keep Club Penguin?

I think we should keep Club Penguin but I think the old Club Penguin was much better than the Disney Club Penguin did find a way to get old Club Penguin back but then the site got closed down for cheating).

Can you get on the old Club Penguin?

Not on the current Club Penguin but I think that they have old Club Penguin on Penguin Chat.

Will Disney ever put old cp clothing back?

i think they will because everyone is complaining about the new club penguin and want part of old club penguin back so club penguin is sort of listening and adding the old club penguin things they umm pretty much have already started

How many people want old club penguin back?

You can't really tell the answer to that. You could make a poll though. Ask people you know if they like the new club penguin or the old club penguin. I'll start you out. I like the old club penguin back. So far you know at least 1 person wants it back!

Where do you get the rubber ducky for free on club penguin?

The party has gone unfortunately but you can get it someday. Club Penguin does bring back old items!

Is there an old party place on Club Penguin?

No, there is no old party place on club penguin

What did Angry Penguins do?

They usally want the old club penguin back from Disney.

On club penguin how do you get the I love my puffle shirt?

it is a old item. it will come back

Can you put cp back to old cp?

No. However, other penguins have made CPPSs (Club Penguin Private Servers) or duplicates of club penguin that take you to the old club penguin with free forever memberships. But remember - it has no relation with club penguin, i.e. you can't send your stamps coins or membership to it.

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