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In lavaridge town, next to the herb shop. Ask the kid, and he will offer to teach one of your Pokemon mimic.

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Q: Where is the move mimic found in Pokemon emerald?
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What does the move mimic do in Pokemon emerald?

Mimic is a move that copies an oppenent pokemon's last attack and makes it your own for example your opponent just used thundershock then you use mimic now you can use thundershock and the best part of this is you can use it more than once and anytime you want but once you leave a battle thundershock will become mimic again.

Where is the move mimic found in Pokemon LeafGreen?

just give a poke'doll( you can get it at the department store in Celadon) to the Copycat(mimic girl) in Saffron.

Where is hm move strenth in pokemon emerald?

the hm move strength is found in the cave Rusturf tunnel

In Pokemon HeartGold where do you get the TM mimic?

Mimic is not a TM. In HG/SS, there is also no Move Tutor that teaches Mimic.

Why do the pokemon on pokemon emerald move but not sapphire?

In emerald the sprites are animated

Were do you go to make Pokemon forget moves in Pokemon Sapphire?

The Move Deleter in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald is found in Lilycove City.

How do you move clumps of grass Pokemon Emerald?

By moving clumps of grass in pokemon emerald.

Where do you get flash cannon in Pokemon emerald?

You can't its not a move in emerald.

What Pokemon comes with the move dig in Pokemon emerald?


Hm in Pokemon Emerald?

A HM is a move is a move that can be tought to as many Pokemon as you like but the Pokemon has to be able.

Where can you get the move Overgrow in Pokemon emerald?

Overgrow isn't a move. It is an ability!

Where to get the move false swipes in Pokemon Emerald?

Some Pokemon learn this move like marowak and scyther.