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Go to Cerulean City's gym and it is in the middle of the gym in the water.

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Q: Where is the missing parts for the power plant in Pokemon silver?
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How do you get power plant working on Pokemon silver?

Find the missing part in Cerulean City's gym. It is in the middle of the gym in the water.

How do you solve the power plant situation in Pokemon HeartGold?

Surf to the power plant. Then go inside and talk to one of the people. He will tell you to get back the missing parts. Go into Cerulean Gym. A Team Rocket person will run into you. Battle him and then go to the top tube on the left side of the gym to get the missing parts. Return to the power plant and give the missing parts back to the person.

How do you get to the power running in the magnet train again in Pokemon soul silver?

after you get the power plant missing part back to the plant it should be running if you need help go to for a walkthrough

What does team rocket give you on the bridge battle in Pokemon soul silver?

he gives you the missing machine part for the generator at the power plant :) hope i helped :D

How do you solve the mystery in the power plant in Pokemon soul silver?

Go in there and then go to cerulean gym rocket member shall be there and follow him and he will tell u where the missIng piece is

How do you get the missing piece to the power plant in silver version?

in the cerulean city gym

How do you get the Pokemon flute in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You have to find Team Rocket, get the missing piece from the power plant that they stole then go to the power plant , give the manager the missing piece then he will give you the poke flute. Hope I helped!! :)

Is Zapdos in Pokemon Silver?

yes it is at the power plant in kanto

Where is the power plant robber in Pokemon silver?

Cerulean Gym.

Where do you get zapdos in Pokemon Silver?

you can find zapdos in the power plant.

Pokemon silver how were are the power plant parts?

You go to cerculean city and enter the gym then you will chase after a guy who is with team rocket then he will tell you he hid them in the tubes in the cerculean gym.

Where in mistys gym is the power plant part in Pokemon silver?

In a inertube.