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you can find zapdos in the power plant.

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Q: Where do you get zapdos in Pokemon Silver?
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How do you get Zapdos in silver version?

you have to trade from red blue or yellow. zapdos is not catchable in Pokemon silver.

Is Zapdos in Pokemon Silver?

yes it is at the power plant in kanto

What level is Zapdos on Pokemon soul silver?

level 50

How do you get Zapdos on Pokemon silver in the Kanto region?

powerplant i believe

Where is Zapdos and others in Pokemon Red?

Zapdos is in the power plant Articuno is in Seafoam islands and Moltres is at Mt. Silver

How do you catch Zapdos in Pokemon soul silver?

you have to have all 16 badges after that zapdos will be right outside the power plant

How do you get a zaptos in Pokemon silver?

To acquire a Zapdos in Pokémon Silver Version, you must use the Time Capsule to trade from the Generation I games and bring Zapdos over from there.

How do you find Zapdos in Pokemon Silver?

You cannot find Zapdos in Pokémon Silver however it can be found near the Power Plant in the Kanto region in Pokémon SoulSilver.

Will Articuno Zapdos and Moltres be on Pokemon soul silver and Pokemon heart gold too?


Will Articuno Zapdos and moltres be in Pokemon Gold?

They are not in Pokemon Gold and Silver. However, they are catchable in the remakes of Gold and Silver, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Where is Zapdos in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Zapdos is positioned right next to the Kanto Power Plant after you earn all sixteen Gym Badges.

Where do you catch Zapdos in Pokemon Silver?

Zapdos is a flying/electric type Pokémon. It is one of the legendary birds of Kanto. The only way to get one in Silver version is to trade.