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its your boldore for his emalga its in between mistralton city and celestial tower

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Q: Where is the man who wants to trade his boldore with a cinccino in Pokemon black?
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When does boldore evolve in Pokemon black?

Boldore evolves when you trade it.

How do you get boldore to evolve in Pokemon Black?

You have to link trade a pokemon

What Pokemon are trade evolution on Pokemon black?

boldore, karrablast+shelmet,

When does Boldore evolve in Pokemon Black and White?

You need to trade it to someone to evolve it. :\

Where can you catch gigalith in Pokemon Black?

you can't, you need to evolve roggenrola into boldore then trade it

How do you make boldore evolve in Pokemon black?

Bodore evolves into Gigalith when you trade it.

How do you trade boldore in Pokemon black?

ok you go to a pokecenter and go upstairs, then go to trade place. if someone else is there you can trade, and it will evolve into gigalith

Where do you find gigalith from Pokemon black version?

You can't You have to trade a boldore and hope the person will trade it back Plus it is called Gigalith not Gigalth

How do you evolve Boldore on Pokemon White?

You need to trade it.

What are the in-game trades in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White?

Here are all the available in-game trades in Pokemon Black and White:The first in-game trade is in Nacrene City, where a girl will trade you a Petilil for Cottonee in Black and Cottonee for Petilil for Cottonee in White.The second in-game trade is located in Driftveil City where you can trade a Minccino for a Basculin. In Black you'll receive a red-striped Basculin and a blue-striped Basculin in White.On Route 7, you can trade a hiker a Boldore for his Emolga in both versions.On Route 15, you can trade with a scientist in a trailer for her Rotom. Her asking Pokemon is Ditto.In the summer season, you can go to Undella Town where there is a trainer who wants a Cinccino for his Munchlax.

Who do you trade with to get Gigalith in black version 2?

you need to trade for boldore

Where do you find a gigalith in Pokemon White?

You have to trade a boldore to have it evolve.