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you can't, you need to evolve roggenrola into boldore then trade it

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Q: Where can you catch gigalith in Pokemon Black?
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Where would you find a gigalith in Pokemon Black?

I don't think you can just find Gigalith in Pokemon Black.You have to evolve Boldore.

What level does gigalith evolve in Pokemon black and white?

Gigalith does not evolve. Boldore evolves to Gigalith when you trade it, rather than at a specific level.

What type of Pokemon is Gigalith?

Gigalith is a Rock type pokemon.

Where do you find gigalith from Pokemon black version?

You can't You have to trade a boldore and hope the person will trade it back Plus it is called Gigalith not Gigalth

When does bolbore evolve on Pokemon Black?

Boldore evolves when it's traded into Gigalith.

When do boldore evolve in Pokemon Black and White?

boldore evolves into gigalith by trading

What level does bold ere evolve on Pokemon black?

you have to trade it at any level, and you get a gigalith

Is there a trainer in Pokemon white with a gigalith?

No. There is no trainer with Gigalith. I've been around the entire unova region and nobody had Gigalith

Why wont a roggenrola evolve at level 28 in Pokemon black and white?

Roggenrola evolves into a Gigalith with it is traded.

What is the national pokedex number for Gigalith?

Gigalith is #526 in the national pokedex, and it is a Rock type Pokemon.

How do you catch Zapdos in Pokemon Black?

to catch zapdos in pokemon black you have to have every legendary pokemon

What is a great Pokemon White team?

samurott, emboar or serperior (your choice) stoutland zebstrika boldore or gigalith (if you can get a gigalith through trade then get one) scolipede sigylyph this team is great for both black and white