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After talk to the manager for the first time at the Power Plant, as you leave the police officer will stop you and tell you about a mysterious man at the gym in Cerulean. Fly there and confront him. Then he will run to the bridge. Battle him and he will tell you it is in an inner tube. Search the top part of the top inner tube inside the gym (the one by Misty's chair)

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Q: Where is the machine part for the generator on Heartgold?
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How do you do the machine part quest in HeartGold?

The machine is hidden in the Cerulean Gym

Pokemon HeartGold how to get the machine part?

you go to the gym and look around its near the tubes in the back

Where is the part to repair the power plant in heartgold Pokemon?

It is in the Cerulean City gym. Click on one of the inner tubes and you will obtain the Machine Part.

What do you do after you fix the generator in HeartGold?

Go to the Cerulean City Gym!

A machine that creates static electricity is the generator?

-- Wimshurst machine -- Van de Graaf generator

What do you do wuth the machine part in Pokemon HeartGold?

well if you already have the machine part from one of the inner tubes in the gym go to the power plant again and talk to the manager and he'll thank you and give you a Tm

Where is the missing machine part in Pokemon heartgold?

easy!go to mistys gym and tap A on the floaty s or tubes or whatever

What was stolen from the power plant in HeartGold?

a piece of the power planet's generator

Working of DC generator?

dc generator is mechanical energy into convert electrical energy which used in machine part of stator in a out part & rioter is inner part and voltage induced armature winding and current pass is Field winding it is magnetic flux generate

What has a generator?

A Generator is electrical machine which produces electrical current and voltage..

Where is the generator piece in Pokemon HeartGold?

it is in misty's gym press a on the life savers

In Pokemon HeartGold after seeing the grunt in creulean city what do you do?

Run to the golden bridge to battle him. He'll tell you where the machine part is. When you get it, go to the power plant and give the part to the guy who asked for it.