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You see the keyhole after you finish all or most of the other worlds (I forget which) I think you have to get above the one place next to the hotel on the 2 side by going through and climbing the ladder and break down the wooden wall once the orange boxes are moved. Then ring the bell three times I think you have to defeat a boss but I'm not sure The key hole will be in the spring

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Q: Where is the keyhole in traverse town in kingdom hearts?
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Is Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts 2?

Traverse Town is in KH1 but not in KH2. Whereas, Twilight Town is in KH2, not KH1.

How do you get to the Phil Cup in Kingdom Hearts?

Lock Traverse Town.

What world is Traverse Town in?

Traverse Town is a world in Kingdom Hearts I. Sora came to Traverse Town after the Heartless conquered Destiny Islands. Traverse Town is a world that people go to when their worlds are engulfed in darkness.

Is Traverse Town ever mentioned in Kingdom Hearts 2?

No, but it is seen in cutscenes.

Where is wonderland in Kingdom Hearts?

It is the first world you go to after the events in Traverse Town. When in the Gummi Ship screen go to the world that is north east of Traverse Town. It should be Wonderland.

Where do you find Leon in kingdom hearts after defeating deep jungle?

Return to Traverse Town. You will need to occasionally revisit Cid so that he can improve your Gummi Ship.

Where is the Gizmo Shop in Kingdom Hearts?

The Gizmo Shop is located in Traverse Town, above the accessory shop.

What do you do in kingdom hearts after you lock the keyhole in peter pan's world?

A Hundred Acre Wood, Hollow Bastion, try to do the Coliseum tournaments, then go to End of the World Order: Destiny Island Traverse Town Wonderland Olympus Coliseum Deep Junge Traverse Town Agrabah Monstro Atlantica Halloween Town Neverland Hundred Acre Wood Hollow Bastion End of the World

How do you complete level one in kingdom hearts 1?

wats level 1? u mean traverse town?

Where do you get the metal piece for little mermaid in Kingdom Hearts?

It's the last item you get from the Mail Box in Traverse Town.

Where do you find Julius on kingdom hearts 3d?

First you have to beat the game then you can find him in the fountain plaza in traverse town

Where is cid in travers town in Kingdom Hearts?

In the fist Kingdom Hearts, Cid is located in the Item Shop across from the main square in Traverse Town. He works the register at the Item Shop. In Kingdom Hearts 2, Cid is with Squall (Leon), Aerith, and Yuffie. He is the "tech support" of the group.