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To get the Pink Scarf, you must win a master rank cute contest

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Q: Where is the item pink scarf in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get on Pokemon Diamond the pink scarf?

Have a Pokemon with a very high cuteness (feed it many sweet poffins) and talk to a guy in pastoria city in a house that has greenish hair (an ace trainer)

How do you get scarves on Pokemon diamond I cant find were you get it.?

Go to Pastoria and make sure your your pokemons coolness toughness cuteness beautyness or smartness is full then talk to a guy and he will ask you if you want a scarf say yes. Diffrent Scarves Require diffrent conditions to be full. Full Coolness-Red scarf Full Cuteness-Pink scarf Full Smartness-Green scarf Full Beautyness-Blue scarf Full Toughness-Yellow scarf

Where to catch a pink Burmy in Pokemon diamond?

You can get a pink Burmy after battling inside buildings.

Were do you catch a pink Burmy in Pokemon Diamond?

You can get a pink Burmy after battling inside buildings.

How do you get all kinds of scarf in Pokemon emerald?

im not so sure... but i think that when u go to the Pokemon fan club in slateport city and talk to one person, ur first Pokemon in ur list should be good in beauty contests for blue scarf, smart for green scarf, cute for pink scarf, cool for red scarf, and tough for yellow scarf. or at least that's kinda how it is in ruby and sapphire, except that they can only get one scarf.

What is a plusle on Pokemon diamond?

plusle is a pink rabbit pokemon. you can get one in the trophy garden on certain days

What if your feebas stops eating pokeblocks?

you can't feed it anymore only if you didn't save it. or let it hold an item call red scarf or blue green yellow or pink. It makes the Pokemon more cool,beauty,smart,tough or cute. red:cool blue:beauty green:smart yellow: tough pink: cute

What is the AR cheat for Pokemon diamond to make ONLY party Pokemon shiny?

there is not but i found a pink skunkry on route 104

How do you get to Dialga in POkemon PLatinum?

After you got the national Dex and caught/fought heatran you go back to spear pillar and you'll see a blue diamond and a pink diamond (blue-dialga, pink-palkia)

How much does a pink diamond weigh?

The weight of a pink diamond can vary greatly depending on its size and quality. Pink diamonds can be found in a wide range of weights, from a fraction of a carat to several carats. The weight of a pink diamond is typically measured in carats, with one carat being equivalent to 0.2 grams.

What does a pink diamond tattoo mean?

a pink diamond tattoo mean love.

How do you catch mesperit on Pokemon diamond?

it and it's siblings are in different caves in the different lakes and you have to follow the pink 1 around the region